Fashion Focus: A Star With Style

A closer look at timeless fall fashion and the new trends of fall 2012, featuring Kylene Cashin.

By: Lauren Pinkston

October 31, 2012

Fashion and trends change like the seasons.

Fall has arrived and winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time for scarves, sweater dresses and peacoats.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, these classic fall staples will still be a huge part of the fashion world this fall.

Other timeless fall styles include leather jackets, long sleeved dresses, blazers, chunky knit sweaters, puffer jackets and knee-high boots.

These styles have been fashionable during the cooler months for decades and they don’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon.

Yet this fall, there are many new styles in stores and on the streets. Elle magazine anticipates that the next four months of fashion will include a lot of leather, fun prints, velvet, turtlenecks, oxblood tones and baroque-inspired garments.

These exciting new trends may not be around for long, so wear them while you can!

Below, Kylene Cashin, Fashion Design major, models her favorite fall trends, both timeless and trendy.

Timeless Fall Outfit:

Kylene is wearing timeless fall garments, from top to bottom. Scarves are always fashionable, especially those in animal print! Chunky sweaters never go out of style. They’re so comfy, it’s hard to take them off. Knee-high boots are classic, especially when they’re tucked into skinny jeans or leggings.

Fall 2012 Trends Outfit:

Kylene displays the most popular trends of the season. Her ornate, beautiful top is Baroque inspired.

Leather, in all forms, is very stylish. Kylene prefers leather shorts. Kylene’s flats are oxblood colored. Oxblood has been dubbed the “color of the season by Elle Magazine.

Timeless and Trendy Outfit:

Kylene effortlessly combines timeless and trendy pieces. She wears a printed cat sweater and shoulders a leather satchel. Prints of all kinds and leather garments will be seen throughout the fall and winter months. She also wears knee-high boots, which posses a “timeless appeal,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.







Q&A With Kylene:

Q: What is your favorite timeless fall style?

A: I love chunky cardigans and sweaters, especially hand-knit ones. They’re so cozy, but they’re stylish too! And you can find them at Goodwill for under $5.

Q: What is your favorite fall 2012 fashion trend?

A: Leather! It’s the easiest way to look sexy without showing skin.

Q: What stores offer the best fall clothes?

A: I prefer to shop at thrift stores. You can find really unique and beautiful clothes for a reduced price.

Q: Describe your sense of style.

A: Bold and urban, with vintage inspiration.

Q: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

A: Balmain. He creates gorgeous and one of a kind clothes.

Q: What factors do you consider when purchasing clothes?

A: I consider price because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fashionable. Thrift stores have the coolest clothes and the lowest prices.