“Interstellar” a memorable fight for humanity

By Tiffany Skelnick

Interstellar is a science fiction epic directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. Some years into the future, there is a worldwide food shortage and Earth is populated by farmers. Matthew McConaughey’s character is Cooper, an astronaut-turned-farmer who dreams of exploration and things beyond the dust-covered Earth. Discoveries by his young daughter Murph lead him to become part of a group of explorers in search of a new inhabitable planet so that humans can survive.

Although the plot sounds basic, the movie is far from simple. It touches on some extremely deep topics. Many of the characters struggle with worries about the fate of humanity as a whole or their own self-preservation. Far beyond being an action-packed science fiction romp with constant explosions, Interstellar runs on a slow burn. Most of the film is spent on the characters wrestling with human nature, their own primal instincts and the love for those back on Earth. There are no space wars or aliens to fight. The real fight is against human nature and for humanity.

There was a real care taken with the script and it shows. The movie seems as if it was adapted from a novel, though this is not the case. The casting in this movie was top-notch. The two leads, Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, played off of each other extremely well. They went from high to low and back again without missing a step.

Interstellar is definitely memorable. It took the idea of having to leave Earth and expanded it in all of the right ways. There is humor, suspense, moments of heartbreak and moments of joy. It is not a gentle ride but it left me satisfied and it is a movie I cannot recommend enough.


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