Spotlight on a Star: Freshman Mike Flores

By Lavell Garner

April 16, 2014

You may have seen freshman Mike Flores around campus, walking with his head held high and rocking out to his favorite tunes as they blast through his ear buds. Some may say Flores has a chill demeanor and he could not agree more.

Flores is among a select group of freshmen that spend their time balancing a high GPA and tutoring high school students. Flores graduated from Rauner College Prep in Chicago in 2013 and started this school year with a goal of graduating with degrees in biology and chemistry.

Flores discussed his tutoring experience, transition from high school to college and the reason why he continues to tutor students from his former school with the “Dominican Star.”

Q: How did you get involved in tutoring and mentoring students?

A: I got involved with the program [Noble Wildcat tutoring] during my junior year. It’s more of a Big Brother program where we as students could be involved with helping younger students with schoolwork. Basically, the students bring whatever work they are having trouble with. Since you have already taken that course, you can help simplify the work for better understanding. I usually help them with math and English.

Q: The program ends once you graduate high school, but you still tutor these high school students. Why?

A: Generally, the program stops at senior year, but students contacted my high school advisor and told him they were still having trouble and that they liked me. He asked if they could continue being tutored [unofficially] by me.

Q: Now that you are a college student, how do you find the time to lend your assistance to these students?

A: Usually, I help them on Thursdays and sometimes on Tuesdays right after my classes. Honestly, I feel I have a better chance at explaining difficult concepts to them. I have had the same teachers as them and I personally had to learn parts of the subject by myself. I truly enjoy it.

Q: Speaking of college, how was your transition from high school to college?

A: I’m a late bloomer. First semester was a rocky start and I didn’t get the hang of it until mid-first semester.

Q: Would you like to tutor here at Dominican University?

A: If given the chance to tutor here, I would. It’s a great sensation to help other students in need.