The lazy generation or a bright one?

By Diana Hernandez

The lazy Internet abusers

 October 16, 2013

It seems as if new technology has taken over the minds of many. With all the active social media, you can spot a student during class on their cellphone scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or even taking a Snapchat picture.

Some students have taken ridiculous pictures and uploaded them to social media sites right before an exam and of course, there is always texting during class that can never wait afterwards.  

“Technology is overused and abused in our generation,” junior Emma Hindman said. The Internet is an easy way to connect and communicate with each other, but just how much can you communicate through social media?

“We’re losing our ability to have a conversation face-to-face,” Hindman said.

Students seem to always tend to complain when assigned homework assignments making it seem like they have forgotten they are at an actual university and college.

Some students also lack participation during class and don’t contribute to class discussions because of their lack of motivation and their focus turned towards their phones. Do students have a lack of motivation for an educational future?

“I think we’re doing nothing,” freshman Michal Hipner said.

Students need to have cell phones away during class and in order to be engaged. Senior Breeanna Watral said, “They can choose to rise above their circumstances and use their struggles to become stronger or they can sit around and post grammatically incorrect Facebook status.’”

The step forward to our future

Our generation is part of a whole new transformation, becoming much more understanding and empathetic towards global situations that affect the entire global community, not just local ones anymore.

While we can be distracted at times by the usage of technology, it also is a source of creativity and exploration, helping our understanding of education much more than harming it.

We are at a new turning point for America. We will set this world in a new direction, being more diverse and more united as a community.

Junior Stephanie Zavala said our generation has the potential to create a sense of belonging and “our generation has a lot of potential to change society.” 

Our generation is producing and advancing new technology with young, fresh and creative ideas to construct new figures of technology.

Every year, there is a brand new iPhone, a new abundance of e-readers and a brand new Xbox in every American home.

The Internet is a great resource today, making education and everyday life in general, much more efficient.

Today we can pay bills in a matter of seconds, which makes a day much more productive and efficient in getting tasks done, all thanks to the advent of technology.

“The free flow of ideas will only benefit our society with the combination of our resources,” freshman Raunel Urquiza said.