Generation Y can now reminisce

By Jackie Glosniak

October 2013

Lately, I have found myself feeling quite nostalgic about things from my childhood. While all people have moments of reminiscence from time to time, I have recently been concerned with reminding myself about the good old days before smartphones, the organic food craze and other things of a bygone era. From those BuzzFeed ‘90s rewind articles to seeing people from elementary school and high school posting on Facebook about their new lives and the start of their families, I have certainly been feeling old and realizing that the doors of my youth will soon be coming to a close.

Now, I’m not sure if all of this is because I will be graduating in seven months, or since I am uncertain about what I will be doing exactly one year from now or even because it all started when I was doing research for my ‘90s residence hall bulletin board. What I do know is that I am not alone with these sentiments and I am glad!

So many of my friends have recently discussed how crazy it seems that kids these days have no idea of the significance that “Recess”, Skip-It, the Burger King Kids Club and Game Boy Color played in the lives of so many of the early population of “Generation Y.” It was even a little disheartening to hear a few of my residents say they did not even remember the ‘90s as they walked past my bulletin board shaking their heads with confusion. But, do not fear all you 20-year-olds to 23-year-olds who may feel the same way as I!

While being in this state of regression and reminiscence, I have come to realize that it really is not a negative thing that I have been feeling the physical and psychological elements of that long chapter in my book of life closing on me. Since I will not be going to graduate school next year, this will be the first time in 19 years I will not have a first day of school to look forward to. I have already turned 21, so I am no longer counting down the days until my birthday. And, I no longer have all the summer free time in the world to walk around the neighborhood and spend time with friends all day.

But, what I do know I can look forward to is an exciting career with years of income and impact on others, truly finding a sense of independence that comes with more adult responsibilities and not counting down the days but enjoying every day thorough spending quality time with those I love.

Whenever I continue to have those feelings of nostalgia, I will not repress them, because I know that the memories will always be there to look back on through pictures, YouTube videos and conversations with old friends. What I do know is that my generation is truly in that in-between period right now, and that it is okay to feel confused, anxious and sentimental all at once.

I truly believe our generation has more stimuli and much more to balance than those of previous generations and it has become more confusing than ever to navigate through life and avoid frivolous distractions which technology and the modern world provide us. Our generation has lived through the glory days of employment and economic upturn of the ‘90s, the dawn of global terrorism and it’s impact at home in the early 2000s, a devastating economic recession and rapidly changing technologies that threaten traditions to life as we know it.

Our generation will most likely be changing careers more times than our parents, see even more invasive technologies gain popularity and need to navigate a world in which international conflict remains a imminent and daily fear.

Dial-up Internet, Saturday morning cartoons on ABC and brick Nokia cell phones may be a thing of the past, but I believe us kids of the early ‘90s have the perseverance, intelligence and sense of humor in life that it will take to pull through this last year of college and into the real world.

While technology has come so far in our lifetimes alone, now is the time to use that to our advantage and work in our fields towards continuing a great American society and enriching our own daily lives. Remember when we kept telling ourselves that we could not wait until we were grown-ups? Well, that time has come, so let’s embrace it to the fullest and show the world what our generation is all about!