Editorial: It’s Time To Take Our Mission Statement Seriously

November 17, 2015

The Dominican Star’s Editorial Board has written the following piece. Editorials contain the opinions of the members of the Editorial Board. Members include Editor-in-Chief Cory Lesniak, Managing Editor Jocelyn Cano, Sports Editor Marty Carlino, Digital Editor Sarah Tinoco, News & Features Editor Melissa Rohman and Staff Reporter Natalie Rodriguez.

Each issue of the Dominican Star will contain editorial on various trending topics. The opinions do not reflect those of Dominican University.

Dominican is only as strong as its weakest student. Recent events have shown that the members of our community will not stand for injustice, rightfully so. As humans, the only things that should divide us are the conscious choices we make. Our eyes should clarify, not cloud, our understanding of the world and the people in it. With Caritas et Veritas as our mission, we should make the utmost effort to empathize with those marginalized in any way. It’s unacceptable for anyone on campus to feel like their voice is being disregarded. With the recent cases of inequality on college campuses all over the United States, it’s important that we remember our first amendment right: freedom of speech. All of us on the editorial board want to be clear that we are here to support and bring light to things happening at Dominican. We aren’t here to only report on what sounds good and makes the school look good. We are well aware of the fact that our campus has flaws. It’s our duty to make sure that we project the voices of our study body both good and bad. Unfortunately, we can’t do this if there is nothing being communicated to us. Email us or stop one of us in the halls and tell us your story. We will never turn you down because giving you a voice is our job and the core of our calling as journalists.