One week later, Republicans are still rejoicing in sweep

By Cory Lesniak

It is one week since the Republican Party gained control of the U.S. Senate and Illinois elected the first Republican governor since 1999. The sweep of red is giving conservatives hope for the future.

Last week’s right wing victory probably made President Obama the lamest ducks in history. In the end, Michelle Obama will produce more work than her husband (#turnipforwhat).

The U.S. economy is growing. The Islamic State continues to reign as we continue to rain down airstrikes. The Ebola virus has shaken Americans and raised many questions about whether a tired White House can handle any more crises. Not to mention the budget deal that brought peace with Congress for a while is nearing the finish line.

As Obama heads overseas this week summit meetings, Congress will return to Washington for a lame-duck session to finish work on the budget and other issues and Republicans will wait eagerly for their long-awaited house party.

For the first time in my lifetime, I saw the state of Illinois go red. For the first time in over twelve years, the state voted in a Republican governor. Rauner will have his hands full with a Democratic House and Senate in Springfield. Still, Rauner vows to have a good bi-partisan relationship if Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Senator John Cullerton decide to let go of their egotistical selves.

Rauner and Gov. Quinn battled it out for months in one of the most expensive campaigns the state has seen in years. Gov. Quinn, who led early in the polls, eventually hit a wall. Rauner declared victory and Gov. Quinn refused to concede until the next day. It was official: The Democratic ship had sunk.

In the 10th Congressional District of Illinois, Republican Bob Dold beat Democratic incumbent Brad Schneider. This is was a huge pickup in the state for the Republicans. That district was re-drawn to include more Democrats. However, Dold came out on top to give Republicans another win.

Nonetheless, last week marked a stampede of change. Six states changed from blue to red, a sign that people are fed up and ready for a change. This was a very strong and educated move for Americans all over. From Springfield to Washington, bi-partisanship will reign and we will rejoice. How many more days until November 2016?

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