Shoutout From The Sisters – March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

In high school, Catholics were not very welcome at non-Catholic universities and women, specifically, were not very welcome in large Catholic universities. For example, Loyola first accepted women in the early 1960’s only if they would not wear slacks on campus. However, there were small colleges established for the education of women. These colleges where run by women religious (nuns, Sisters). I wanted to be a part of one of these justice seeking groups. I wanted to stand up to the status quo and so I joined the Franciscan order of Sisters that taught in my parish.

Today, these groups of courageous women are getting older and smaller. When I think of this, a sense of alarm wafts through my psyche. However, driving onto the Dominican campus dispels this cloud. When I first step out of my car, I am engulfed in Dominican’s spirit. The hospitality of students, staff and faculty exudes the audacious spirit of the University’s foundresses.

I enjoy faculty meetings with professors that have my same thirst for justice. I am grateful for the skilled staff that supports the faculty, and of course, for the student body. There is so much in the news about the self-centeredness, laziness and pleasure seeking nature of younger generations. Yet, at Dominican I have encountered hardworking, bright, young people who seek justice and want to gain skills that will make the world a better place.

I am grateful to be here at Dominican because it dispels any sense of alarm about the future. The spirit of Dominican instills excitement about the future in me. Thank You.

Sr. Felicia Wolf