Shoutout From The Sisters

February 2, 2016


As you may have discovered, there are quite a few Sisters who live and/or work at D.U.  Some of us have been here for many years, since all the first faculty members at Rosary College were Dominican Sisters (with a few Fathers or friars). Over the years, we’ve had wonderful additions of lay faculty, but counting the Board of Trustees as well as faculty and staff, we are still a group of more than twenty Sisters.

We have loved teaching here, and still love being part of this wonderful community of diversity, intellectual life, and enthusiasm.  Some of us have been here for over forty years and marvel at the courtesy and kindness students show us such as opening a door when our hands are full, helping carry loads, or just grinning and saying “Hello.” We live in fairly small groupings or communities, pray together, share liturgies in the chapel every day, eat together, and then go about our business of teaching, administering, researching, keeping up with alums and their families, and attending with many of you different campus events.

This is an experimental blog intended for sisters to write to you.  Please let the Star staff know your thoughts about this.  The plan is for different sisters to write at different times.  If you have questions for us or about us, feel free to ask!

Meanwhile, happy semester!

Your Dominican Sisters (and one Franciscan)