Promising diplomat and others killed in Afghanistan

By Anthony Garcia


April 17, 2013


On Saturday April 6, young American diplomat Anne Amedinghoff, 25, was killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan, hitting close to home at Dominican.


Amedinghoff was the daughter of Thomas Smedinghoff adjunct faculty member in the Brenan School of Business.


Initial reports suggested that Smedinghoff was in an armed convoy when she was killed but latest reports detail that the group was lost on foot on their way to a book-giving ceremony.


The party of a dozen people thought they reached the school but were informed that it was an agriculture institute instead, forcing the group to retrace their path, setting off the suicide bomb in the process, killing Smedinghoff and five others according to the Associated Press.


Smeidinghoff was the first Foreign Service member to be killed in the 12 years of the Afghanistan war.


While in Afghanisatn, she had been working with schools and businesses to improve the lives of women in the province of Zabul.


After graduating from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Smedinghoff was posted in Venezuela before volunteering for a post in Afghanistan, as opposed to safe regions of the world such as Paris or London.


To honor her memory and Smedinghoff’s commitment to world peace through the Foreign Service, the Oak Park/River Forest community tied white ribbons on the community’s trees.


Thomas Smedinghoff said that his daughter was “tailor-made for this job,” and that “It was a great adventure for her…She loved it.”