Shoutout From The Sisters – April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016

Did you miss it? Were you sleeping? Or perhaps working? Maybe out of town?

Two weeks ago during spring break we celebrated National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14. It was only the third time this special week was held and it barely made the news. It is part of National Women’s History Month.

Throughout the country there were special gatherings to honor individual sisters and whole congregations whose efforts were “to create a more just and humane world“ — our Dominican words are notable.

There were special prayer events in which sisters reminded themselves and other attendees of the pressings needs and pains of our sisters and brothers in our own neighborhoods and throughout the world. Our Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters participated in a prayer event called Pray-It-Forward, a play on pay-it-forward, with emphasis on actually doing the action that one prays for. We prayed for you, for immigrants in search of safety, for victims of violence, for those incarcerated, for the sick, the hungry, the homeless. We stand behind our prayers with actions on your behalf.

While a few of us Catholic sisters are here on campus as teachers because teaching is our Dominican charism (gift), there are sisters who are praying-it-forward in word and action. They work in all areas of need in our country and through the world. They minister in parishes, hospitals, and prisons by visiting the sick and lonely. The serve as social workers, trying to alleviate the pain of people of all ages. They work within systems to change those unjust structures that maintain privilege for some and want for others. Wherever there is human suffering, a Catholic sisters is not far away—in prayer and action.

Want to learn more about National Catholic Sisters Week, a quick google will delight you.

Sr. Mary Kremer, OP