Dominican Speaks (EP1): Government Shutdown

Though the government shutdown is on hold for now, host, Sabrina Henderson discusses the effects and opinions with guest, Sebastian Medina. Produced and edited by Sabrina Amorte HendersonAdvisor: Professor Carrielynn Reinhard For more info: domstarnews@gmail.com Please […]

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Do I Matter?

Khyle Hayes Contributing Writer Opinion Piece As children, we’re all told by someone that we matter. Whether it’s a parent, a teacher, an older sibling, or even your favorite rapper, someone has told you at […]

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Government Shutdown

Abel Rodriguez and Joseline Cano Staff Writer & Feature Editor During the 2016 presidential campaign, then presidential candidate Donald Trump ran on a campaign that promised the rise of a border wall meant to decrease […]

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Closing Aquinas Hall

Kanoa Ikeda-Flynn Staff Writer           From a recent statement by President Donna Carroll, the Priory Campus will no longer house students at the start of next school year. According to the […]