Op-Ed: Enjoy The Ride Chicago Fans

November 1, 2016

*Please note this editorial is as of 10/29*

Take it all in Chicago fans. Seriously, for a moment sit back and think about the era of success that is happening right now in Chicago sports. Please enjoy every moment of this wonderful ride that our beloved Chicago sports teams are taking us on. Right now, and for the past several years, teams in the city of Chicago have given us some of the best moments of our lives. In most cases, the wait has been rather long. Fans of these teams have suffered through the bad and in some circumstances, probably the very bad. Let’s start out with the talk of the town right now, the Chicago Cubs.

As we’re sure many of you already now, it’s been quite the long journey for the Chicago Cubs. After 71 long years, the Chicago Cubs are finally back in the World Series. While it is still yet to be determined if the Cubs will end their 108-year championship drought, the Cubs have given fans one heck of a year. A historic start to the 2016 season, a league-high seven all-stars and 103 wins highlighted the regular season. The Cubs then prepared to open the playoffs earlier this month. The Cubs knocked out the San Francisco Giants in four games and the Los Angeles Dodgers in six games, earning the chance to play the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. To top it all off, the Cubs even gave fans the chance to celebrate their World Series birth on a Saturday night in Wrigleyville. So, as this year’s Fall Classic winds down, let us all take a moment to enjoy the experiences and joy this teams has given the city.

Another great Chicago success comes in the form of a team that has become hockey’s model franchise. The Chicago Blackhawks are now in pursuit of their fourth championship since the start of 2010. After capturing titles in 2010, 2013 and 2015, the Blackhawks have given us oh so much to celebrate. Many have even suggested that the Cubs made be in store for a championship run like the Blackhawks…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. The Hawks are poised to make another deep playoff run this season and hopefully provide us with even more great moments.

Lastly, let’s get excited about the Bulls! Well, partially excited at least. After watching their season opener, we know one thing for sure; this team will be entertaining. With the arrival of superstar Dwayne Wade, the bulls are now a must-see attraction in the NBA. Fans of the Bulls must wait to see just how good this team will be after an offseason overhaul of the roster left them with an array of new players. Second-year head coach Fred Hoiberg will have a lot to prove after a very disappoint season last year.

So, as we anticipate the presumably exciting conclusion to the World Series, take one final moment to enjoy what we have going on in Chicago. Great cities like this are always much better when the common ground of sports unites us like this great Cubs team has.