More On The Horizon

January 24, 2017

By Jonathan De Leon

Dominican’s support center continues its push to create a better wireless service for students and staff. Updates and changes to the dorms and high traffic areas on campus was the most recent focus.

One major update was in Murray Hall, which had older wireless points replaced with more to be done this upcoming week in places like the suites.

Through the heat-sourcing tool adapted last semester, the support center is able to detect weak and interfered spots on campus with the Wi-Fi networks.

According to Jill Albin-Hill, vice president of information technology, the networks have been changed again to “simplify and uncomplicate” what networks devices should be connected to.    

Students, staff and faculty should connect their laptops, iPads, cellphones etc. to DU Wireless for general class and on campus work. When in the dorms, connect to DU Resident if you are a student who lives on campus. Guests of Dominican can connect to the guest wireless network.

Another update has been the cellular coverage in the library, which took place over the break.  Now Parmer Hall, Lewis Hall and Crown Library have increased coverage.  

The Star Card has been a subject of conversation as well and will be encouraged to be used in a variety of ways. 

“85% of students, faculty and staff have picked up their new Star Card and we strongly encourage anyone who has not picked up the card to do so,” Albin-Hill said. “Printing will be converted to fully swipe to print by the end of the Spring 2017 semester, with fewer printers available for login-based printing.”

The feedback has been very positive thus far with quicker and more efficient printing.  

“60% of all print jobs received by students since the start of the semester have used the swipe-to-print functionality, even though we have not deployed this to all printers,” Albin-Hill said.

By the fall semester of 2017, the star card will be the only identification card for Dominican and the old i.d’s will be deactivated. 

There are also plans to create a brand new Dominican website with the new look debuting as early as April. 

“It’s a fresh rebuild,” Albin-Hill said. “We are not trying to upgrade our current site, we are starting from scratch so we can bring it all kinds of new technology.” 

It also aims to improve functionality and bring multiple pages to one centralized location.

Stay tuned for a follow-up later in the semester.