Adam Martinez Competes In MTV Contest For Second Time

February 7, 2017

By Mary Alice Maloney

Last semester, the Dominican Star shared the story of Adam Martinez, a Dominican junior who competed in the MTV International singing competition, “Cover of the Month” with his very own rendition of Mike Posner’s song, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

The new year brought new opportunity for Martinez. MTV once again reached out to the musician and asked him to join the ranks of January’s “Cover of the Month” contestants.

“Although it doesn’t feel as thrilling as the first time, it certainly feels great to again be a part of a competition held by one of the biggest television companies in the world,” Martinez said.

The song Martinez covered this time was Bebe Rexha’s “I Got You.” Martinez went the acoustic cover route his first go around, but this time, he wanted to mix things up.

“My producer (who happens to be my older brother) and I decided to leave the acoustic approach behind and go for a fully produced pop song,” Martinez said. “My brother also came up with the idea to do the second verse in Spanish, which he actually wrote himself. We had a lot of fun making it sound different, and it certainly gave us an edge over the rest of the contestants.”

Martinez and his producer also wanted to enhance their video project as well.

“Besides the different musical approach, we also wanted to make the visuals look more like an official music video, which I can also thank my older brother for,” Martinez said. “Looking back at it, I’m impressed at the fact that he and I were able to pull it all off in a matter of days.”

Despite the Martinez duo’s efforts to produce a cover song to lead the pack, it didn’t cinch the first-place spot in this month’s competition.

“Unfortunately, they actually announced a different winner on Jan. 31, but the outcome hasn’t let my hopes down; it just means I have another opportunity down the road,” Martinez explained. “Since MTV once again reached out to me to join this one, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be contacted again,” he said.

“My contact at MTV let me know that I’m more than welcome to join any of the upcoming contests as she and her team love the renditions I bring to the table, so I plan on being included in March’s contest,” Martinez said.

Adam Martinez’s music can be can be found on his YouTube channel, “Adam Martinez,” and his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages which all can be found at: @adamthesinger