Shout Out From The Sisters: 10 Reasons To Do A Year Of Service

February 21, 2017

Dear students, here are the Top 10 Reasons to Do a Year of Service:

10- Once in a lifetime Opportunity: There are few times in your life when you have the freedom to uproot and try something new. Dominican Volunteers allows people to take that risk, to jump into the realm of possibilities and to make a real impact on our world while doing it. All of our volunteers’ basic needs are met­-room and board, transportation, insurance, and a little extra spending money in the form of a monthly stipend, so you are afforded the security to take to take advantage of the full experience.

9- Experience Something New: Want to move across the country? Experience a field outside of your major? Live in a community with your peers and religious vowed? Dominican Volunteers USA provides individuals with the opportunity for adventure while meeting all your basic needs.

8- Scholarships and Grad School Admissions: If you are considering graduate school, a year of service is to your benefit as well. Many schools offer scholarships and or application fee waivers for people who have completed a year of service. Additionally, a year of service can give you a competitive edge as an applicant.

7- It’s Good for You: Research shows that volunteering improves your health!

6- Personal Growth: Stretch yourself! A year of service is truly a formative year. The growth our volunteers experience is astounding-volunteers mature, develop life skills, and are able to discern their life’s purpose. They leave the program with a better sense of self and a commitment to making the world a better, more humane place.

5- Professional Growth: Our volunteers are afforded opportunities well beyond the typical entry-level position. After completing a year of service with Dominican Volunteers, our alums have experience well beyond their peers who went straight into the workforce after college.

4- Spiritual Growth: Volunteering with Dominican Volunteers USA provides an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow spiritually-regardless of religious affiliation or identity. Dominican Volunteers is a Catholic organization rooted in Dominican spirituality, but recognizes there are many paths to God. Volunteers that come with an open mind and open heart, will test, grow and strengthen their spirituality through prayer, reflection, community, study, ministry and retreats.

3- Opportunity to Discern the Future: Some people have 5 year or 10 year plans, they have direction, and know what the next steps in their life will be. Not everyone does, and even when you do life can turn those plans upside down. A year of service provides an opportunity to discern the future in the company and support of a community.

2- Join the Dominican Family: You may have attended a Dominican school, but Dominican Volunteers are fully integrated into Dominican life, experiencing it in a way that few outside of religious life do. You will join a network of alums that span the country and continue to live the Dominican charism the rest of your life.

1-Make an Impact: Many people are drawn to service because they are called to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters, especially the poor and marginalized. Regardless of the ministry types, all of our volunteers are able to make an impact. Advocacy, direct service, indirect service-it all matters, it is living the gospel, and it is contributing to a better world.

Why not consider Dominican Volunteers USA!?!


Sister Melissa